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Carolyn Matheson




"I have worked with Carolyn on a number of occasions over several years and would recommend her as a business coach.

Carolyn helped me to design and create a coaching programme for my senior and middle managers in my role as Head of Housing whilst at London Borough of Merton. The programme ran over a significant period and encompassed around 20 managers. I also participated as the Head of Service. Feedback from all those that participated was high and the coaching was able to deliver both business and personal benefits. Everyone particularly valued the opportunity to discuss challenging issues and test out ideas in a 'safe' environment. Each manager had their own individual objectives and an evaluation was undertaken against these at the end of the coaching programme. Overall, however, I noted an increase in confidence and capability and greater buy in and commitment as a consequence of the investment staff felt had been made in them.

Carolyn was instrumental in helping me to get the programme up and running and overcoming some of the concerns and reluctance expressed by some of the team. As a coach Carolyn does not shy away from dealing with issues and is very good at making you think and come up with the solutions for yourself. She was excellent at building rapport and trust, flexible in how the programme was delivered and the sessions held, but also very focussed and well organised.

Carolyn quickly came to be held in very high regard by the team and I would not hesitate to use her coaching skills again."

Jo Williams, London Borough of Merton

"The company suggested I should have coaching. Carolyn was the first coach I met and we clicked at once. Carolyn is actually quite tough with me, in that she shows you what you already know, deep down."

Joanna Fielding, Standard Chartered Bank 


"Having worked with Carolyn over a number of years, I thoroughly recommend her services to any organisation. Not only did I work with her to design coaching programmes for our senior Managers, but, participated in a programme myself, which was invaluable!

I hope I get to work with Carolyn again in the not too distance future!"

Amanda Said, HSH Nordbank

"Carolyn Matheson is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most accomplished coaches I know. She has a gentle way of getting to the point and getting you to see the light, without letting you off the hook. The work she is doing around Chronic Illness in the UK is breathtaking. She is singlehandedly determined to change the way we look and feel about chronic illnesses. Carolyn shows so much courage in the face of adversity with her own illness and has so much knowledge and wisdom to share with individuals and the medical profession as a whole. I thoroughly endorse Carolyn and her work."

Sarah Newton author, youth expert and star of my teens a nightmare I'm moving out

"Manjit and I just wanted to thank Carolyn very much for representing OUCH at today's Headache Masterclass course. It was invaluable to have someone describe what the organisation does, and how much help and support they can offer to sufferers, their families and doctors alike - doubly so when she was able to speak from personal experience as a sufferer. I know many of our attendees found it a real eye-opener and it definitely helped to raise awareness of OUCH and the important work that you all do.

Congratulations, and our heartfelt thanks to Carolyn and all the team."

Paul Shanahan and Manjit Matharu, Consultant Neurologists, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

"Carolyn has been a great support to me, and I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to use their particular strengths to best effect.”

Ray McColl HSH Nordbank

"Carolyn Matheson's profound, provocative insights into how we can deal with an unwelcome medical diagnosis or condition are inspiring.  If you, a friend or a loved one are dealing with a health challenge; you will benefit from her insightful blog and audio interviews. As a Master Certified Coach, Carolyn's honesty, wisdom and first-person experience motivate us all to live life to the fullest and handle whatever has been handed to us graciously and pro-actively."
 Sam Horn The Intrigue Expert and author of Tongue Fu!, POP! and What's Holding You Back?