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Carolyn Matheson




Carolyn is regularly invited to speak at conferences and seminars around the world, most recently in Switzerland Atlanta and London, and presents at workshops and internal company events. She has worked within a wide range of business sectors, including pharmaceutical and health care, financial services, manufacturing, professional services as well as local and central government departments.

Organisational change does not always meet expectations and deliver planned results. The failure to address the human impacts of change is at the root of most failed change initiatives.
According to research by Peter Senge, over 70% of all organisational change efforts fail to meet expectations and deliver planned results. Much effort often goes into goals, action plans and project plans. What is often downplayed is the human or emotional aspects of change. When speaking Carolyn inspires her audiences with powerful stories, using her own illness as a practical model for organisational change.

Each presentation can be tailored to address your particular needs and requirements. Please contact Carolyn if you are interested in having her speak at your event.

Contact Carolyn Matheson on +44 20 8836 9346; +44 7768 110823