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Carolyn Matheson



About Carolyn

Carolyn was totally unprepared for the emotional turmoil she faced when diagnosed with a serious illness. 8 years ago her world was turned upside when she became sick. Coming through that dark space has been both tough and rewarding.
 Her life as she knew it has changed beyond recognition. She is a far stronger person as a result of all that she has been through

She has integrated what she has learnt on the way as a coach with the emotional high and lows of a serious illness. Managing change for all of us can be as tough, as dealing with personal trauma. Carolyn combines these experiences to support organisations successful manage the often neglected part of change, the human or emotional parts which are so often ignored.

She is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and the first coach outside the USA to be awarded this designation, by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the most rigorous independent body for coaches worldwide. Carolyn continues to contribute to the coaching profession by developing and leading workshops for coaches preparing for the ICF certification process. She also assesses coaches and coach training programmes for the ICF; as well as a mentor coach to coaches.

She is regularly invited to speak at international conferences and has led a number of workshops and seminars across the world.